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The 40 second "Scream of Destruction" : The Turkey Earthquake
The 40 second "Scream of Destruction" : The Turkey Earthquake
As-Saihah or the Scream is the terrible shout of an Angel appointed to destroy and obliterate communities which have reached the point of no return in their perversion and transgression. In the past, many nations and communities were destroyed by the Scream of the Angel.

When Allah Ta'ala decrees the destruction of a community, He sometimes sends an Angel to execute His decree. The Angel stands at an extremity of the region earmarked for obliteration, and lets out a terrible scream which shatters the brains and hearts of the transgressors. Other natural disasters e.g. earthquakes, then follow in the wake of the Mighty Scream. The result is the utter elimination of the perverted transgressors.

This same athab (punishment)- As-Saihah-was the fate which obliterated the Turkish Kuffar Military Base on August 1999.

" It was only a single mighty scream! Then suddenly they were obliterated. " (Quraan)

" And only the people of intelligence take Lesson. " (Quraan)

The town of Gurchook on the shores of the Marmara Sea,Turkey,more popularly known as the "The Golden Mile", with  5 star hotels,gambling casinos and pubs and a very strategic naval base, forms the beginning of one the most terror filled 40 seconds ever experienced in history.

A massive party of liquor and dancing was attended by more than 2000 people at the naval base. Incidentally,it was the previous venue of law-making to ban hijab in all public places; children under 12 years not to receive madressah education and possibly the changing of the Qur'aan into the Turkish language etc. It was in fact the headquarters of evil meetings for the moral destruction of the Turkish people.

A first hand eyewitness gives an account of the happenings of that fateful morning. At approximately 2 am the sky seemed to turn blood red. An eerie sound engulfed the entire area.

Had it lasted longer, the destruction would have been total. A bolt of lightning struck the area simutaneously, the sea water began to recede. It retreated far into the depths of the ocean. The sea bed was clearly visible. Suddenly the sea bed opened and the fire ball emerged and struck the naval base. Tidal waves of 30 metres struck the entire "the golden mile". Destroying the places of evil and then drawing them into the sea. In the aftermath a team of scuba divers searched for survivors. There were none.

Amongst the dead were bodies in the act of adultery, gamblers with cards and playing chips in their hands, alcohol bottles and goblets stuck in their hands.

Their eyes were like large balls. The faces of the personnel at the naval base turned into pigs and monkeys. Many buildings were seen, however, despite searching at great depths the naval base could not be found. There were large cracks and crevices which the divers feared and did not dare venture near. An entire area of evil was swallowed in a few seconds, gone forever.

In another town-the sudden eerie sound of a powerful trumpet was heard. Had it not stopped; people swore that they would have been totally destroyed. The ground began to move, shaking the buildings which crashed to the ground.

People ran naked or as they were dressed. Parents left children, children left parents, the handicapped were left behind-shouting "ALLAH'. There was extreme, heat, dust and darkness. Reminiscent of the last day. Every person was caught up in the calamity. There was no person free to help.

In all this there were those whom Allah loves. When a 6 year old child was asked to have meals he declined the food saying that he was not hungry. He said that a man in white with a white beard served him meals every day.
The following people were unscratched:
An 8 year old child repeatedly read Aayatul kursi taught to her by her mother
One person who was reading the Qur'aan.
One person who was engaged only in salaat.
A very pious old man who sold honey related that not one of the little match sized boxes he had kept on his window sill moved from their positions, although the houses around him were totally destroyed.
Also 95% of the musjids were untouched.

There were 50 to 60 thousand dead and no immediate help. It felt like the last day. The trumpet sound, the bolt of fire, the heat, dust and overall panic was a very frightening experience. A person was a millionaire the night before, the next day ;he was a pauper standing in the soup kitchen queue. The giver of zakaat became the taker of zakaat.

As Muslims, we must take the correct lesson from this. We have to step up the effort of enjoining good and forbidding evil. We have to bring sincerity in our actions. We must obey Allah in the way shown to us by Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wassallam). Allah does not look at our faces, only what is in our hearts. Sincere and regular, effort and sacrifice is definitely required. We have to strive with our health,wealth ,and time in the path of Allah to establish Islam and destroy the evil.

Despite the almost complete news blackout by the mass media, the initial reports from Turkey have been confimed. The August17 earthquake hitting Northwest Turkey has completely destroyed the huge Turkish military base in the city of Gurchook.

The Gurchook military centre, which also includes an important naval base, was the major site of joint military operations between Turkish forces and the Israeli military. The 7.4 magnitude earthquake, not only destroyed most of the military base but also killed over 300 high ranking officers and commanders. The top -military officials were conducting a high-level secret meeting, reportedly with Israeli military officers from Mossad.

Reports suggested that the Turkish and Israeli military were secretly planning joint operations just prior to the earthquake. The Israeli military immediately dispatched a team of 400 special rescue field officers to the Gurchook military base to try to save as many of the trapped military officials as possible. The U.S. military also dispatched a special rescue team to Gurchook. Both teams failed to save any of the trapped officials.

The Gurchook military base was transformed by the earthquake into a mass graveyard for the 300 or more high ranking military officials. All that could be seen was huge piles of concrete and steel debris strewn everywhere. Gurchook was the hardest hit city of all in the earthquake. It was the closest city to the epicentre of the earthquake.

The Turkish military has completely closed off the city and put it under a tight quarantine. No one is allowed to enter or leave the area without military ,authorization. The Turkish officials claim the quarantine is to prevent the spread of cholera, yet no other city has been placed under quarantine.

The U.S. and Turkish media have completely blacked out any reports of the destroyed Gurchook military base. The Israeli media has also been very quiet about the news. A few independent Turkish reporters have wrote about the details, but they were blacked out by most of the Turkish mass media.

The British press has been relatively quiet about the incident, all for one exception. Although the BBC English service, ignored the news, the BBC Arabic service, through their reporter stationed in Turkey, gave a quite detailed account of the earlier Turkish independent reports.
Whereas the Turkish reports came out early on, days after the earthquake, it took a week (August 24) before the BBC correspondent in Turkey confirmed it. The BBC only reported the news item that day (August 24) in Arabic. It was not mentioned in their English service. The news report was never published in any of their written media either.

Reports are now coming across the various wire services (8-25/8-26 from AP and Reuters) that the religious people in Turkey are, now saying that the earthquake was punishment from God for Turkey's evils. Perhaps the military officials were planning something of evil. As always, God knows best.

This strange news blackout of such an important news item by so many different media outlets across so many countries is almost macabre. The Turkish military is always quiet about joint operations with Israel. Yet one has to consider that a total world-wide media blackout of this magnitude for a news item of such significance leaves one to wonder and ask: What exactly were they planning and what were they doing in Gurchook?

(Turkish Islamic Brotherhood & others)