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No Empire Endures Forever
No Empire Endures Forever
“Verily, the earth belongs to Allah. He awards it (for governing it) to whomever of His servants He wishes.” [Aayat 128: Surah A’raaf]

“Perhaps Allah will soon destroy your enemies and make you the rulers in the earth. Then He will see how you act.” [ Aayat 129, SurahA’raf ]

Allah Ta’ala says in the Quran Shareef :
“For every nation there is an appointed time. Then when its appointed time (for the end) arrives, they will not be able to delay it by amoment nor bring it forward. ” [ Surah Aaraaf Aayat 34 ]

Empires have come and gone. No empire on this earth has ever endured forever. Every kingdom or power had its rise and fall. But, the slave of the nafs and the world fail to understand this truth, which is part of the Divine Scheme for this world. No ruling power ever contemplates or even thinks that it will one day fade away into oblivion. Inspite of this lesson being imparted by history, every nation in its heyday clings to the irrational belief that it will be able to hold on to power everlasting.

The most resent re-enactment of this historical truth wasthe seemingly sudden collapse of the U.S.S.R, which was in reality the Russian empire. Neither the Russians nor anyone in the world had the faintest idea that the disintegration and collapse of the Russian empire would be so swift and devastating. A similar fate is in store for America.

The U.S.A is believed to be the superpower of the world. It is thought to be indomitable, the most powerful and the wealthiest power on earth.But America is no empire. Politically it holds no territory besides the lands within its geographic frontiers (Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa) are exceptions. Economically it is bankrupt. It subsists and survives on the wealth of the so-called third world countries, the oil wealth of the Arab lands and the raw materials of Africa and Asia and its phantom economy based on useless paper money. The world is under a colossal deception regarding the might and power of America. America never was an empire nor is it an empire today.America never fought a war nor does it have the capacity for fighting a war.

The Vietnam ‘war’ was not a war. It was a brutal and cowardly assault from the air. A massive and sustained aerial bombardment in which tens of thousands of tons of bombs were thrown in a desperate attempt to pulverize and vanquish the adversary. But America miserably failed and had toretreat in humiliation because it could not fight a land war.

The so-called Gulf war is a repetition of the same saga.There was no fight on the land. It was all a one –sided brutal and cowardly murder enacted with the full co-operation of Saddam who is America’s agent inthe region.

After the Mujahideen eliminated a handful of American marines, the U.S.A. quickly withdrew from Lebanon. In disgrace, America had to retreat from Samaliland. A handful of tribesmen humbled the might of the so-called superpower. There is nothing super in this ‘superpower’. It is capable of only aerial bombing and destroying populated areas and civilians from the air. American solders cannot fight a land war. The same for the Russian murderers.

A little reflection will convince any skeptic that America is not a empire. It rests on a falls base, which will suddenly collapse. Its foundations are hollow and a variety of factors in its home territory are gnawing at the hollow base. Its collapse will be more spectacular than the collapse of the Soviet Union.

From the viewpoint of cause and effect, which governs this material universe, America’s continuing term or extended term of dominance is made possible by Muslim transgression. Since the followers of Islam have abandoned the Sunnah of Rasulullah (Sallallahu-'Alayhi-Wa-Sallam) and have aped the American way of life, Allah Ta’ala has placed the U.S.A. in the position of the master and the Muslims as slaves of this kaafir master. This is a punishment for the Muslim disobedience. The Hadith is emphatic and categorical in this assertion. But as Qur’aan repeatedly declares, : “Every nation has its appointed time.” The quicker Muslims turn faithfully and obediently to the Sunnah, the quicker will be the demise of all kuffar powers,

The Qur’aan Majeed says: “There is no aid but from Allah,The Mighty, The Wise.”

Only Allah Ta’ala grants political power and only He snatches away this power. Like all things in this universe are subjected to laws, so to is political power and sovereignty on earth. In so far as kuffar are concerned, fair play and justice will ensure for them political dominance on earth, hence the Sages of Islam say:
“An empire can endure with kuffar, but not with Zulm (oppression and injustice).”

When a nation becomes oppressive and brutal like the Israelis of today, it heralds the beginning of its demise. However, in relation to the Ummah of Islam, the worldly cause for their domination and power is ONLY complete obedience to the Shariah and Sunnah while the cause of their degeneration and enslavement to the kuffar is abandonment of the Shariah and Sunnah. If Muslims can only understand this truth and Qur’anic command, they will once again regain their elevated position on the hilltops of the world.

Inspite of its tremendous firing power and massive military,inspite of its superpower status and image, America is unable to apprehend a single old man (Usamah Bin- Ladin). It had to fire dozens of intercontinental missiles in a bid to eliminate one Mujahid who has become the cause of a numerous nightmares in American circles. All its missiles could not achieve the aim.

Afghanistan is an impoverished land with absolutely no governmental infrastructure in the conception of the West; Afghanistan has no military, no air force and no wealth whatsoever. It is a landlocked, barren,wasteland inhabited by tribesmen. But, this noble Land with its Valiant Islamic Fighters, cannot be humbled by the superpowers of the world. This fact should be ample evidence for the impotency of the so-called American empire and its military might, which awes and enamors people immersed in crass materialism. But, the Army of Islam fights on Imaan adorned with baatini Noor dependent on obedience to Allah Ta’ala .

by: Brother Dhul-Fiqar Abdul-Muntaqim