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A 13 year old responds to: " What does Islam mean to you?"
A 13 year old responds to: " What does Islam mean to you?"
This was received via a friend in UK who received it from friends in USA.

I want to share with you what a boy from grade 7 wrote when I gave my class a journal assignment on "What does Islam mean to you?"

(From just this one simple sentence, thousands of statements come to your mind. You don't know where to start...
I feel that Allah has created every person equally with an open mind. Think of it this way; we were all brought to this earth as a piece of clay. There were two kinds of clay: the hard kind and the soft kind. Islam molds us all. Some are easier to shape than others depending on the softness. Those who are not willing to be molded are destined for the furnace. The better you are molded, the better you'll turn out. Rasulullah (Salallahu alaihi wassalam) was molded perfectly and he was the best kind of clay.
Islam is the path of Truth. Here is another way to put it: Doing haram is sickness, Islam is the medicine and paradise is the cure. Once you are cured you are guaranteed health and you'll never get any more sicknesses... Islam is like a tree.
Everybody starts as a bud and they gradually grow into bigger and
redder apple. The more you please Allah, the bigger and the better you get. If you fall off the tree branch you start to shrink and rot.
Sort of like falling onto the wrong path instead of the right one.)

Masha'Allah, what an understanding! All this from a 13yrs old boy! May Allah(subhanahu wata'ala) increase him in knowledge, and give us all the wisdom to understand and follow our Deen and continue to shower us with more of His Mercy and blessings. Ameen!
"He grant wisdom to whom He will;and whoever is
granted wisdom, he indeed is given a great good..." (2:269)