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Etiquette of meeting one another(Mulaaqaat)
Etiquette of meeting one another(Mulaaqaat)

(1) When you go to meet a person do not disturb him by intruding while he is busy. If for example, he is engaged in Tilaawat, Wazeefah or he is in privacy or sleeping or preparing to sleep or involved in something else in which he will be disturbed if you intrude or he may be inconvenienced by your intrusion, then at such a time do not greet or shake hands. Either go away and return later or wait elsewhere (where his attention will not be attracted). If the matter is urgent and requires immediate attention, seek his permission first.

(2) When having arrived at the venue of the person whom you wish to meet, inform him of your presence either by Salaam, speech, etc. Do not sit in a concealed place or in such a way that he has not learnt of your presence. Perhaps he wishes to say something  which is not intended for your ears. It is evil to listen in to another person's secrets without his consent. If you realize that the discussion in progress is not for your ears, immediately take leave.

(3) When meeting someone with whom you have no informal association, do not ask him about the condition of his home affairs. Similarly, do not ask him about his source of earning, possessions, etc.

(4) On meeting a person do not linger too long so as to cause him inconvenience or to constitute an impediment in his activity.

(5) When meeting someone, do so pleasantly and smilingly so as to please him.

(6) When meeting someone for the first time, remember the following things:

     Introduce yourself. State your name.
     State your hometown or the country or city from where you are coming.
     State the purpose of your visit.

(7) When meeting a person, do not pick up any letter, paper or book from nearby to read.

(8) When someone comes to meet you (and if you are sitting) get up or move slightly. In this is respect for the visitor.

(1) A newcomer entered, made musaafahah and departed without saying anything. Hadhrat commented:

"Is this also some form of humanity? He pleased himself and disturbed the heart of others. When a stranger comes it is only natural to wonder who he is, from where he has come, for what purpose has he come. Has he thought me to be an idol, merely putting his hands in my hands and moving off as if I am lifeless. These are natural things (which do not require instruction)".

(2) Some people commit the error of arriving without notifying. They have not yet eaten, but arrive at such a time, which creates difficulty in preparing food. If it is realized that the time of arrival will be improper, then make your own food arrangements. After having eaten, proceed to meet the person and on reaching there inform him that you have already made your food arrangements so that he does not labour in suspense and uncertainty.

(3) One should not wait in expectation of being asked to introduce oneself. At the first available opportunity introduce yourself. At the time of greeting, make your introduction and state your purpose. It is necessary for the host to make himself available for this purpose. At the time of meeting, he should leave off his activity.

Lotus Word Pro 97 Document