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Etiquette of the Masjid
Etiquette of the Masjid
(1) Do not perform Salaat in such a place in the Musjid that the free movement of the musallis is impeded, e.g. performing Salaat at the entrance, thus preventing others from passing. Take up a position near to the Qiblah wall in a corner.

(2) Do not unnecessarily stand immediately behind someone's back to perform Salaat. The person in front is perturbed by this action.

(3) When removing your shoes, do not shove aside the shoes of others nor remove their shoes from a place in order to put your shoes there. The place occupied by the shoes of a person is the haqq (right) of that person. On emerging from the Musjid if he does not find his shoes there, he will become worried.

(4) Enter the Musjid with the right foot, reciting the Masnoon dua. When leaving, come out with the left foot, reading the appropriate Masnoon dua.

(5) Maintain silence inside the Musjid and sit down respectfully. Before sitting down, perform two raka'ts Tahyatul Musjid Salaat. When visiting the same Musjid several times during the day, performance of Tahyatul Musjid once will suffice.

(6) Do not stare about the Musjid. You are in the Court of Allah Ta'ala, hence sit with fear and in humility, engaging yourself in Salaat or Thikr.

(7) Do not recite anything loudly inside the Musjid. This disturbs and detracts the musallis.

(8) Do not indulge in worldly conversation.

(9) Do not become involved in any worldly activity, e.g. buying, selling, worldly meeting, in the Musjid.

(10) Do not enter the Musjid without wudhu.

(11) Maintain silence even in the wudhu khaanah (ablution block).

(12) Be dressed properly and respectfully when coming to the Musjid. (Some people enter the Musjid with T-shirts, denims or some other disrespectful and unlawful style of dress. This is highly disrespectful and is a violation of the sanctity of the Musjid.)

(13) The Mu'takif (one who is in I'tikaaf) should not pass wind inside the Musjid. He should go outside just as he does when having to answer the call of nature.

(14) The Musjid should not be used as a short-cut to get to the other side. This is not permissible.

(15) Items which have a bad odour, e.g. tobacco, fish, etc., should not be brought inside the Musjid. Similarly, after having eaten garlic or onions one should not enter immediately. First cleanse the mouth thoroughly. The same applies to those who smoke.

(16) Acts rendered for worldly purposes are not deeds of thawaab. Such activities should not be carried out inside the Musjid. This applies to even writing of such ta'weez which are for worldly purposes.

(17) It is disrespectful to unnecessarily climb on top of the Musjid.

(18) The Imaam of a Musjid, after having given the Athaan, should not go to another Musjid for Jamaa't Salaat. Even if he happens to be the sole musalli present, he should perform his Salaat alone in the Musjid. His salaat in his Musjid is superior because to populate a Musjid is nobler than performing Salaat with Jamaa't.

(19) Do not utilize haraam wealth or haraam objects in the Musjid.

(20) Sometimes spray perfume inside the Musjid. (NB. It is not permissible to use perfumes containing alcohol nor is it permissible to use the type of aerosols in vogue nowadays).

(21) Do not use the Musjid to make worldly announcements, e.g. for a lost item.

(22) Whenever you have the opportunity, go to the Musjid and engage in Deeni acts such as Thikrullaah, Tilaawaat, Nafl Salaat, etc.

(23) It is not permissible to remove any of the Musjid's items or goods for personal use. All the property af the Musjid is Waqf. Every musalli has an equal right in the use of the Musjid items.

Lotus Word Pro 97 Document