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Etiquette of presenting a request
Etiquette of presenting a request

(1) When going to someone with a need or request, state this immediately on meeting him. Do not wait for you to be asked. Some people going with the intention of asking something, on being asked of the reason or purpose of the visit say that they had come merely to meet. Afterwards they present their need at inopportune times which causes much inconvenience.

(2) When the person to whom you have made your request, be it of a Deeni or worldly nature, questions you, do not answer ambiguously. Do not confuse him.

(3) Do not ask a need from such a person who you know feels obligated to comply even though he may not be disposed to assist.

(4) Some people will present their request for fulfillment at the exact time of their departure. The host finds it difficult to comply at such an inopportune time.

(5) If you have been told to come at a certain time for fulfillment of the need, then be there at the appointed time.

(6) If you have a request to be made to a particular person and coincidentally he makes an appearance, do not ask him at that time. Ask him at another time. He may gain the impression that by visiting you he will be put to the difficulty of fulfilling your requests.

Lotus Word Pro 97 Document