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AL-ISLAAH PUBLICATIONSLotus Word Pro 97 Document

Etiquette of eating
Etiquette of eating

(1) While eating do not mention such things which nauseate or are repugnant to others. People of delicate disposition are disgusted with such behaviour.

(2) Do not spit or clean your nose in close proximity of people eating.

(3) When there is the need to bring more food to the guests do not remove the utensil, but bring in another utensil.

(4) Before and after eating, wash the hands.

(5) Recite Bismillaah when commencing to eat.

(6) Eat and drink with your right hand.

(7) Eat in humility. Do not lean against something in the style of proud people when eating.

(8) All should eat together. There is more barkat in this way. (However, it is permissible to eat alone as well. - Translators)

(9) Eat from in front of you. However, if in the tray or utensil there is a variety of things, then you may eat from any side.

(10) If the food is less and the people present are many, then do not eat to satiation.

(11) When foods such as sweetmeats, grapes, dates, etc., are served, take one at a time. Do not take two at a time. Doing so displays greed and lack of culture.

(12) Where there is no need to use all fingers, eat with three fingers.

(13) After having eaten lick off the food from the fingers.

(14) If a morsel of food drops from the hand, pick it up, clean it and eat it. Do not throw it away on account of pride. Do not think that it is against your dignity to do so. Food is the bounty of Allah Ta'ala. Value it and appreciate it.

(15) If you have completed eating before the others seated with you, continue nibbling here and there to convey the impression that you are still eating. Do not put the others to shame by stopping completely. Those who have not completed may do likewise.

(16) After having eaten, clean the plate out thoroughly. Do not leave crumbs, etc. in the plate. There is barkat in cleaning out the plate with one's fingers.

(17) If for some reason you are constrained to leave while the others are still eating, excuse yourself.

(18) When having eaten, do not get up while the food is still spread on the eating-cloth. First wait for the food to be removed, then get up.

(19) After having eaten express your shukr (gratitude) to your Raaziq (Provider). Recite the appropriate Masnoon Dua.

(20) Similarly. after drinking water recite the Masnoon Dua.

(21) It is haraam to eat from utensils of gold and silver.
Similarly, it is not permissible to use silver or gold cutlery.

(22) Cover foodstuff which is sent to others.

(23) Do not stand and eat nor drink whilst standing if there is no valid need for this.

(24) Do not drink water in a single gulp. Remove the cup from your mouth when taking breath.

(25) Do not drink from the broken or chipped side of a cup.

(26) When passing food or water to a number of people, start from the right side. (This should be the practice even if a small child happens to sitting on the right side.)

(27) Gather bones and peels to one side. Do not spread these all over the cloth.

(28) Do not leave foodstuff uncovered even for a short while.

Lotus Word Pro 97 Document