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100 Qur'aanic Aayaat
Hayaatul Muslimeen(Life of Muslims) 
100 Qur'aanic Aayaat
Along the margins of the Introduction to Hayaatul Muslimeen, Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (rahmatullah alayh) had written one hundred Qur'anic verses in substantiation of what he wrote in this book; account of the gross indifference towards the Deen nowadays, in rejection of the Deen, it is necessary to present a translation of hundred verses. 

1. Thus, turn towards your Creator and slay some of you (i.e. should slay others). (Aayat 54, Surah Baqarah)

This was a command to the Ummah of Nabi Moosa (alayhis salaam when they manufactured the golden calf and worshipped it.

2. "'Then those who were unjust changed the word other than what I were told (to say). Thus We brought down upon the transgressors calamity from the heavens because of the transgression which they committed. " (Surah Baqarah, Aayat 59)

3. "And, We established over them disgrace and adversity and they became deserving of the Wrath of Allah. This was because they rejected the laws of Allah and killed the Ambiyaa unjustly. This (calamity) was because they sinned and transgressed. " (Aayat Surah Baqarah)

4. "What other punishment than disgrace in this worldly life can there be for those among you who commit such a deed. And, on the Day Qiyaamah they will be driven to the severest punishment. " (Aayat Surah Baqarah)

5. "Who is more unjust than the one who prevents the Thikr and Name of Allah from the Musjids of Allah while he strives to ruin them ( Musjids). They should not enter the Musjids but in fear. For them there is disgrace on earth and a great punishment in the Hereafter (Aayat 114 Surah Baqarah)

6. ”And among them are those who say: 0 Our Rabb! Grant us goodness in this world and goodness in the Aakhirah; save us from punishment of the Fire.' For these (who ask this) is the share which they have earned. And, Allah is swift of reckoning." (Aayat 2 Surah Baqarah)

7. "(And remember) when Allah said: Verily I will establish those who follow you (lsaa) over those who commit kufr, until the Day of Qiyaamah. Then your return is unto Me. I will decide among you those issues in which you differed. I will then punish those who disbelieved, a severe punishment in this world and in the Hereafter. And, they will have no helpers. " (Aayat 56, Surah Aale Imraan)

8. "Do not lose courage and do not worry. You will be victorious, if indeed you are Mu'mineen. " (Aayat 139, Surah Aale Imraan)

9. "Allah granted them the reward of the world and the beautiful reward of the Aakhirah. And, AIlah loves the pious. " (Aayat l48, Surah Aale 1mraan)

10. "We will soon instill fear in the hearts of the unbelievers because of the shirk which they committed with Allah. They associated with Allah something for which Allah revealed no proof. Indeed, evil is the abode of the transgressors. " (Aayat 151-, Surah Aale Imraan)

11. "Those among you who turned their backs on the day when the two armies met, verily, the shaitaan caused them to fall in error because of some of their deeds. "(Aayat 155, Surah Aale Imraan)

1 2. "Thus they returned with the bounties of Allah and with a favour uncontaminated with any setbacks. And, they followed the Pleasure of Allah; Allah is the One of great munificence. " (Aayat 174, Surah Aale Imraan)

] 3. "Whoever migrates in the Path of Allah, he will find on earth great spaciousness (many places to go) and great scope (for proclaiming the Deen). " (Aayat 1 00, Surah Nisaa)

14. "Because of transgression of the Yahood, We prohibited for them such wholesome things which were (originally) permissible for them; and because of' them devouring riba while they were (in fact) prohibited from this; and because of them dishonestly devouring the wealth of people. " (Aayat 120 and l 21, Surah Nisaa)

15. "That (the punishment regarding dacoits) is for them a disgrace on earth and in the Aakhirah will be a great punishment. (Aayat 33, Surah Maaidah)

16. "And he who befriends Allah, His Rasool and the Believers, ( people are the army of Allah) and, verily the army of Allah will be victorious. " (Aayat 56, Surah Maaidah

17. "Say (0 Muhammad!) Should I show you something worse in punishment by Allah than this? (That is the way of those) whom Allah has cursed and on whom settled Allah 's Wrath. Allah made some of them apes and swines. They worshipped the evil one. Such people are the worst in rank and the most astray from the right road. " (Aayat 60, Surah Maaidah)

I 8. ”And, we cast among them hatred until the Day of Qiyaamah. Whenever they attempt to light the fire for war, Allah extinguishes it. They strive on earth in nothing but mischief; Allah does not love those who spread mischief. "(Aayat 64, Surah Maaidah)

] 9. "If they had established the Taurah and the Injeel and what has been revealed to them from their Rabb, verily, they would have ate (ie. obtained all their wealth and material requirements) from above and from below (i.e., in great abundance). Among them is a group on righteousness while most among them commit evil. " (Aayat Surah Maaidah)

20. "What! Did they not see that we destroyed before them such a people whom we granted such power on earth, which we did not grant to you. And, We sent the rains in torrents on them and We caused rivers to flow below their orchards. We then destroyed them because of their sins and, We raised after them (the destroyed people) another nation. (Aayat 6, Surah An'aam)

21. "Thus We saved him (Noah) and those with him in the ship, and drowned those who denied our Laws. Verily, they were a blind people.” (Aayat 64, Surah A'raaf)

22. "Thus, We saved him and those with him with our mercy, and uprooted those who denied our Laws; they were a people without faith. " (Aayat 72, Surah A'raaf)

23. "Thus, the quake caught them and they lay prostrate in their homes. "
(Aayat 78, A'raaf)

24, "Thus, We saved him and his family excepting his wife; she was left among those who suffered the punishment, " (Aayat 83, Surah A'raaf)

25. "And, We rained on them a rain (which was of stones). Look then at the end of the transgressors."(Aayat 84, Surah A'raaf)

26. "Thus the quake caught them and they lay prostrate in their homes. (Aayat 91, Surah A'raaf)

27. "Those who rejected Shuaib became (after their destruction) as if they never existed in their homes; those who rejected Shuaib were the losers. " (Aayat 92, Surah A'raaf)

28. "And, if the people of these places believed-and feared, We would have opened up on them bounties from the heaven and earth, but they rejected; thus We punished them because of what they perpetrated. " (Aayat 96, Surah A'raaf)

29. "We then dispatched on them the storm, locusts, lice, frogs and blood. These were clear signs. But even then they were proud. Indeed they were a nation of transgressors. " (Aayat 133, Surah A'raaf)

30. "Whenever a calamity would befall them, they called; '0 Musa! Call on our behalf your Rabb in regard to that which He had promised you. If you remove this punishment from us, then surely, we shall believe in you and send Bani Isra-eel with you. Then when We removed the punishment from them for a while, until a time which they had to reach, they broke their pledge. We thus extracted compensation from them. We drowned them in the sea because they denied our laws and had totally diverted there from. " (Aayat 136, Surah A'raaf)

"Remember that time when your Rabb revealed to the Angels. 'Verily, I am with You, therefore strengthen those who have believed. I will cast fear into the hearts of the unbelievers. Thus, strike (them) on their necks and hit on all their joints. That is so, because they opposed Allah and His Rasool. Whoever opposes Allah and His Rasool, verily (he should know that) Allah is powerful in punishment. " (Aayat Surah Anfaal)

31. "Verify, Allah will thwart the plots of the unbelievers. " (Aayat Surah Anfaal)

32. "0 Believers! if you fear Allah, He will grant you a criterion; He will remove your sins from you and forgive you. Allah is the One of Munificent Grace. "(Aayat 29, Surah Anfaal)

33. "And, what right have they? Why should Allah not punish them. They prevent (others) from Musjidul Haraam while they (kuffaar) are the trustees of it. The trustees of it (Musjidul Haraam) are none but those who fear (Allah); but most of them do not know. ” (Aayat Surah Anfaal)

34. "That is so because verily Allah does not change a bounty which He has given any nation until they do not change their own (spirit condition). Verily, Allah is the Hearer, the Knower. " (Aayat 53, Surah Anfaal)

"(Their condition) is like the people of Fir'oun and those before them. They denied the laws of their Rabb. Therefore, We destroyed them because of their sins; We drowned the people of Fir'oun. Indeed, all of them were transgressors. ” (Aayat 54, Surah Anfaal)

35. "0 Nabi! Tell the captives in your custody: 'If Allah discerns Imaan in your hearts., He will grant you better than that which was taken from you and He will forgive you. Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful (Aayat 70, Surah Anfaal)

36. “For them is good news in this worldly life and in the Aakhirah. There is no change in the Words of Allah. That is the great victory.” (Aayat 64, Surah Yoonus)

37. "Verily, Allah will not reform the acts of whose who spread mischief." (Aayat 81, Surah Yoonus)

38. "When they believed, We removed the disgraceful punishment from them in this worldly life and We bestowed upon them comfort until an appointed time (i.e. until death), " (Aayat 18, Surah Yoonus)

39. ”Seek forgiveness from your Rabb and turn towards Him (with Imaan and Ibaadat) and He will bestow upon you beautiful favours for an appointed time (i.e. until death; and in the Aakhirah) He will grant munificently to every doer of goodness in abundance." (Aayat 3, Surah Hood)

40. "0 my nation! Seek forgiveness from your Rabb, then turn to Him? He will send abundant rain to you and He will increase you (much) in your strength. Do not turn your backs as transgressors. (Aayat 52, Surah Hood)

41. "Allah wilt not destroy the cities because of (the people's) transgression while their inhabitants are engaged in reforming (themselves and others). " (Aayat 117, Surah Hood)

42. "When he attained maturity, We bestowed to him wisdom and knowledge. In this way do We reward the pious. "(Aayat 12, Surah Yusuf)

43. "In that way We established Yusuf on earth so that he could live where ever he pleased. We bestow Our mercy to whomever We wish. We shall not destroy the reward of the pious. Verily, the reward of the Aakhirah is best for those who believe and for those who fear (i.e. those who are pious). " (Aayat 57, Surah Yusuf)

44. "The unbelievers will always remain in such a condition in which sonic calamity (every now and again) will befall them because of their (evil) doings; or it (the calamity) will occur close to their homes until the Promise of Allah comes (overtakes them). Verify, Allah does not violate promises. "(Aayat 31, Surah Ra'd)

45. "For them is a punishment in this worldly life and the punishment of the Aakhirah is much severer. There will be none to save them from Allah. " (Aayat 34, Surah Ra'd)

46. "What! Do they not see that, verily, We are reducing the land on all its sides. Allah commands; none can impede His command. He is swift of reckoning, " (Aayat 41, Surah Ra'd)

47. "Remember the time when your Rabb informed (you via the Rasool) that if you are grateful, then certainly, He will bestow upon you greater bounties and if you are ungrateful, then verify, My punishment is severe. " (Surah Ibraheem, Aayat 7)

48. "Thus, their (i.e. the Ambiyaa) Rabb revealed to them: assuredly, We shall destroy the transgressors and most certainly shall grant you this land to dwell in after them. That is for such a man who fears My Presence and My Warning. " (Aayat 14, Surah  Ibraheem)

49. "Verily, the people of the forest were transgressors. We, then extracted compensation from them. Both (towns of the nations destroyed) were situated on an open plain. " (Aayat 78 and 79, Sura Al-Hijr)

50. "Verily, those before them plotted, but Allah destroyed their buildings from the very foundations. Thus the roofs caved in on them. The punishment of Allah came to them from a source which they did not even suspect, " (Aayat 26, Surah Nahl)

51. "Those who migrated for the sake of Allah after they had been persecuted, verily, We shall establish them on earth in goodness, the reward of the Aakhirah is greater. " (Aayat 41, Surah Nahl)

52, “What! T'hose who conspire evil, do they feel snug in the thought Allah will not let the earth swallow them or there will not come upon them a punishment from a source they least suspect; or some calamity may befall them while they are wandering about? (If any of these should overtake them) then they will not be able to render Allah helpless. Or (do they feel safe from Allah) arresting them with great fear. Verily your Rabb is most Compassionate, most Merciful” (Ayah 45 and 46, Surah Nahl)

53. "Whoever practises righteousness-male or female- while he or she is  a Mu'min, We shall most assuredly grant him (or her) a life of comfort and We shall (in the Aakhirah) reward them because of the virtuous deeds they practised. " (Aayat 97, Surah Nahl)

54. "Allah explains (to you) the example of (the people of) a city in which was peace and prosperity. Their sustenance came to them from all sides. Then they were ungrateful of Allah's bounties. Allah then gave them the taste of starvation and fear because of (the evil) they perpetrated. Verily, there came to them a Rasool from amongst them but they rejected him. Thus the punishment grabbed them. Indeed they were transgressors.

Whatever Allah has given you of lawful and wholesome foods, eat it and be grateful of the bounties of Allah, if indeed you worship Him. Verily, Allah has made unlawful on them carrion, blood, the flesh of swine and what has been sacrificed for beings other than Allah. He who is driven to helplessness (by starvation) and is not desiring pleasure nor is he a transgressor, then verily, Allah Is the Forgiving, the Most Merciful.

And, do not say for the falsities of your tongues: `This is permissible and this is unlawful.' In so saying, you are inventing falsehood on Allah. Verily, those who manufacture falsehood on Allah, they will not prosper. (This worldly life) is a luxury of a short while. For them is a painful punishment.

Those who were Yahood, we prohibited for them the things which We have explained (in Surah An'aam) to you before; We did not wrong them, but they wronged their own souls. " (Surah Nahl)

55. "When We wish to destroy any city (or settlement of people), then we (first) command their affluent people (to be righteous). They then transgress in the city. The command then becomes decreed on the city and We then utterly destroy it. " (Aayat l6, Surah Bani Isra-eel)

56. “(A pious man said to a proud man who boasted about his lands and wealth) `If you (despise me and) consider me inferior to you in wealth and children, then perhaps my Rabb will grant me (something) better than your orchard. He may dispatch against you from the heaven a calamity reducing (your orchard) to a barren land; or its water may entirely disappear without you having any power to retrieve it.'

(Suddenly) his wealth was surrounded (by disaster). He thus became disillusioned and (shock-stricken) wringing his hands over what he had spent in (developing) the orchards which now lay sprawled out in destruction. He then cried out: `Alas! Would that I did not associate any with my Creator.'

He had no group which could assist him other than Allah nor could he himself take revenge.

On such occasions to aid is the prerogative of Allah. He is best in reward and best in (giving best) results.” (Aayat 39-44, Surah Kahaf)

57. "Verily, those who believe and practise righteousness, soon will Rahmaan (The Merciful Allah) instill (in their hearts) a love. " (Aayat 96, Surah Maryam)

58. "He (Musaa) said (to Saamiri): 'Go! Verily, for you in this worldly life will be (this punishment that you will wander around) saying: `Touch me not.' (Aayat 97, Surah  Ta'haa)

59. "And, we destroyed many cities which were transgressors (i.e. its inhabitants were unbelievers), and We created (in their places) other nations. "

"Then, when they (the unbelievers) discerned (the approach) of ( punishment, they began to flee. (It was said to them). "Do not flee! Return to your luxuries and your mansions so that you may  be questioned.

They cried: 'Alas! Most certainly, we were transgressors. Thus, that was their continuous cry until we destroyed them, and they were like an uprooted farm and an extinguished fire. ” (Aayat l1-15, Surah Ambiyaa)

60. "They conspired to do him (Ibraheem) evil, but We made them losers. " (Aayat 70, Surah Ambiyaa)

61. "Then We accepted his call and We saved him from grief. In that way do We  save the Believers. " (Aayat 88, Surah Ambiyaa)

62. "Verily, We had written in the Zaboor after the Decree (in Loohi  Mahfooz) that, Verily, the earth will be inherited by My pious servants. "(Aayat 105, Surah Ambiyaa)

63. "Many were the cities which We destroyed while they were transgressing. Then these (cities) lay prostrate on their roofs; many a well and many a fort lay in ruin and neglect. What! Did they travel in the land and thereby gain hearts by means of which they could understand; or ears by means of which they could hear`.  In reality, eyes do not become blind; but the hearts in the breasts become blind.

They ask you to hasten the punishment. Never does Allah violate  His Promise. Verily, a day by your Rabb is like a thousand years of the years which you calculate.

"I extended the time for many cities (nations) while they were transgressing. Then (suddenly) I caught them and unto Me is the return. " (Aayat 45-48, Surah Hajj)

64. "Allah promised the Believers among you and those who practised righteous deeds that He will establish them (grant them kingdom) on earth as He had established those before them. And, He will strengthen for them their Deen which He chose for them; He will exchange their fear with safety. They worship Me and do not associate with Me anything. Those who commit kufr thereafter, verily, they are the transgressors. " (Aayat 55, Surah Noor)

65. "Those who say: '0 our Rabb! Grant us wives and offspring who will be the coolness of (our) eyes, and establish us as the leaders of the pious." (Aayat 74, Surah Furqaan)

66. "(Allah) said: 'We will soon strengthen you with your brother and We will make for you both a special power so that they (Fir'oun and his people) cannot gain control over you. With Our Signs will you and those who follow you be victorious. "(Aayat 45, Sarah Qasas)

67. "We destroyed many nations who were proud of their luxuries. Thus, their mansions (utterly ruined') thereafter remained uninhabited, but for a short while. We remained the Owners.

Your Rabb does not destroy a city (i.e. a nation) until He (first) sends a Rasul to its capital, who then recites to them Our Laws. And, We did not destroy these cities other than because they were transgressors. " (Aayat 59, Surah Qasas)

68. "We caused him (Qaroon) and his mansion to he swallowed into the earth. Thus, there was no group to assist him besides Allah nor could he (Qaroon) defend himself. "(Ayat 8, Surah Qasas)

()9. "Thus, each one (of the unbelieving nations), We grabbed hold of because of their sins. Among these were those against whom We dispatched hurricanes; among them were those whom the terrifying screech overtook”, among them were those whom We caused to be swallowed by the earth; and, among them were those whom We drowned. Allah did not wrong them, but they wronged their own souls. " (Ayat 40, Surah Ankaboot)

70. "Mischief and corruption have appeared on the earth and on the ocean because of the (evil) deeds which the hands of people have committed, so that Allah may give them a taste of some of their deeds, for perhaps they may return (to righteousness). Say: Travel in the land and see how was the end of those before. The majority of them were mushrikeen. " (Aayat 42, Surah Room)

7l. "Those among the Ahle Kitaab who aided them (the mushrikeen) Allah drove them from the heights of their fortresses and instilled fear into their hearts. Thus, a group among them, you (Muslims) killed and a group you took captive. We then made you the owners of their land and their homes and their wealth and of such lands on which you had; (previously) never set foot. Allah is powerful over everything (Aayat 27, Surah Ahzaab)

72. "Most certainly, if the munafiqeen and those in whose hearts lurk disease and those who spread false rumours in Madinah do not desist then We shall establish your (Muslims') domination over them. Then will they be able to live with you in Madinah for only a short while: They will be cursed; wherever they go, they will be caught and killed. (This) was the Way of Allah regarding those who existed before. Never will you find the Way of Allah changing. " (Aayat 61-62, Surah Ahzaab)

73. "For the people of Saba were signs in their homeland. There were two (rows) of orchards on the right and the left. (We ordered them). 'Eat of the sustenance of your Rabb and be grateful unto Him.' (It was) a city of great prosperity, and (Allah) a Creator Most Forgiving, till they turned away (from the Path of Allah). We opened up the gates of flood on them and We replaced their double rows of orchards with another two orchards: (orchards) of bitter fruit, cactus and a bit of brambles. " (Aayat 7, Surah Saba)

74. "When a Warner (i.e. a Nabi) came to them, it only increased theer detestation (for the Truth) because they desired pride on earth and they further plotted evil. The evil conspiracy befell none but those who plotted. What! Do they then await the fate which overtook former (unbelievers)? Never will you find a change in the Way of Allah. Never will you find for the Way of Allah a diversion.

What! Have they not travelled in the land and seen the end of those before them. They were more powerful than them. There is nothing in the heavens and the earth which can render Allah helpless. Verily, He is  the One of Knowledge and the Powerful.

If Allah had to apprehend people because of their (evil) deeds then He would not have left on the surface of the earth a single living thing. In fact, Allah has granted them an appointed time. Then, when the appointed time arrives, then verily, Allah is the Overseer of His servants." (Aayat 45, Surah Faatir)

75. "If he (Yoonus) was not among those who glorified Allah (by reciting tasbeeh), then he would have remained in its (the fish's) stomach until the Day of Resurrection. " (Aayat 143-144, Surah Saaffaat)

76. "Say: '0 my believing servants! Fear your Rabb. Those who are virtuous in this world, for them is goodness; the earth of Allah is spacious. Verily, the patient ones will be fully recompensed in a limitless way." (Aayat 10, Surah Zumar)

77, "Then Allah saved him from the evil plots which they schemed and the disgraceful punishment overtook the people of Fir'oun. " (Aayat 45, Surah Mu'min)

78. "Most assuredly, We shall aid our Messengers and those who believed, in this worldly life and on the Day when witnesses will stand up. " (Aayat 51, Surah Mu'min)

79. "Verily, those who said: 'Our Rabb is Allah', and then they remained firm, Angels will descend on them an that you do not fear nor grieve. Be happy with Jannat which you have been promised. We are your Friends in this worldly life and in the Aakhirah." (Aayat 31, Surah Haa'meem Sajdah)

80. "Whatever calamity befalls you is because of what your hands have wrought." (Aayat 30. Surah Shuraa)

81. "That Day shall We: grab powerfully. Verily, We shall extract recompense. " (Aayat 16, Surah Dukh'haan)

82. "0 Believers! if you aid (the Deen of) Allah, He will aid you and plant your feet firmly. " (Aayat 7, Surah Muhammad)

83. "Do not lose courage (and because of lack of courage) do not call towards peace while you will be victorious. Allah is with you. Never will He minimise your deeds.

Verily, this worldly life is only play and amusement, if you believe and fear, Allah will grant you your reward and He will not ask you for your wealth. If He had to (continuously ask you for your wealth, i.e. to spend in the Path of Allah), then you will become miserly and He will then reveal your dislike (for spending in His Path), Yes! You are those who are being called upon to spend in the Path of Allah. From among you are those who are stingy. Verily, whoever is miserly, is in fact miserly upon his own soul. Allah is Wealthy and you are paupers. If you turn your backs (on Allah 's Path) then Allah will replace you with another nation which will then not be like you. " (Aayat Surah Muhammad)

84. "Verily, Allah is pleased with those Believers when they took the oath of allegiance to you (Muhammad) under the tree. Allah knew that (sincerity) which was in their hearts. He therefore cast peace over them and granted them a victory close at hand, and spoils of war; in abundance which they took. Indeed, Allah is the Majestic, the Wise

Allah has promised you spoils of war in abundance, which you will take. Thus Allah hastened it for you and He prevented the hands  of people (the kuffaar) from (harming) you. (This is so) that it may be a sign for the Believers and so that Allah guide you onto a Straight Road.

And another (victory too) which you have not yet attained. Verily Allah has encircled it. Allah is Most Powerful over everything (Aayat 121, Surah Fatah)

85. "It is He Who has sent His Rasool with guidance and the true Deen that He manifest it over all deens. Allah is a sufficient Witness (Aayat 28, Surah Fatah)

86. ”Before them the nation of Nooh (also) rejected, as well as the Companions of Rass and the Thamood (they all were unbelievers And, (as well) Aad, Fir'oun and the Brethren of Loot; the Companion of Aikah and the nation of Tubba'. All of them denied the Rasool. Thus My Warning became manifest (materialised on them).” (Aayat 14, Surah Qaaf)

87. ”Or do they say: ' We are a victorious nation.' Soon will this group be defeated and it will turn tail (and flee). " (Aayat 46, Surah Qamar)

88. "These are such people in whose hearts has become ingrained Imaan, and whom Allah has aided with a power from Him. " (Aayat 2 Surah Mujaadalah)

89. "Thus the (punishment of) Allah came to them from a source which they least expected, and He instilled fear into their hearts. They will destroy their homes by their own hands as well as by the hands of the Believers. Therefore, take lesson, 0 people of intelligence?

If Allah did not decree for them exile, He would have punished them (by execution) here on earth. And, for them in the Aakhirah is the punishment of the Fire. This is because they opposed Allah and His Rasool. Whoever opposes Allah (should know that) verily, Allah is severe in punishment. "(Aayat 4, Surah Hashr)

90. "What! Have you not seen these rnunaafiqs? They say to their kaafir brethren of the Ahle Kitaab: 'If you are expelled, we will accompany you and in regard to you, we will not accept what others say. If war is made against you, we will aid you.' But, Allah is a Witness that, verily, they are liars. If they (the unbelievers among the Ahle Kitaab) are expelled, these (munafiqeen) will not accompany them; if war is made against them (Able Kitaab), they (munafiqeen) will not assist them. And, should they aid them, they (munafiqeen) will turn tail and flee. Thus they will not be aided. Most certainly, in their hearts they fear you more than even Allah. That is because they are a people who do not understand. (Aayat 14, Surah Hashr)

91. "Perhaps (it is so hoped) that Allah creates love between you and those with whom you are enemies. "(Aayat 7, Surah Mumtahinah)

92. "And another (Savour) which you love: (viz.) Help from Allah and a quick victory. "(Aayat 13, Surah Saff)

93. “And unto Allah belongs the treasures of the heavens and the earth, but the hypocrites do not understand. They (munafiqeen) say: 'If we return to Madinah, the honourable ones will expel the contemptible ones from it (the city).' (But, they fail to realise that) unto Allah, His Rasool and the Mu'mineen belongs Izzat (honour, respect and glory). But, the munafiqeen do not know." (Aayat 7 and 8, Surah Munaafiqoon)

94. "No calamity befalls, but with the command of Allah. Whoever believes in Allah, He guides his heart. ” (Aayat 11, Surah Taghaabun)

95. "Whoever fears Allah, He makes for him an opening and He grants him sustenance from such a source which he did not even think of. Whoever has trust on Allah, Allah is sufficient for him. Indeed, Allah will complete His Command. Allah has ordained for everything a measure. " (Aayat 2 and 3, Surah Talaaq)

96. "Many settlements (their inhabitants) disobeyed the Command of their Rabb and His Rasools. We then took from them a stern reckoning and punished them severely. Thus they tasted the misfortune of their deeds and their end was ruin (and loss). " (Aayat 5 and 9, Surah Talaaq)

97. "Verily, we have tested them as We tested the people of the orchards; when they took an oath that they would certainly pick up the fruit of the orchards in the morning; they did not even say 'In-sha Allah. Then, a calamity (during the night) passed over the orchard from your Rabb while they remained sleeping. 'Then by the morning the orchard seemed as if it was already harvested. In the morning they called one another to hasten to the orchards if they wished to harvest it. They set off (for the orchard) whispering to themselves: 'Do not allow any beggar to come to you today. You have full authority to refuse (them).

When they beheld the orchard (laying in ruins), they exclaim `Verily, we were astray. In fact we are deprived.'

A decent one among them said: 'What! Did l not tell you: Why do you not glorify Allah (recite Tasbeeh)'. They all then (spontaneously exclaimed: 'Glory to our Rabb. 'verily, we were transgressors.' They then accused one another saying: `Most certainly, we did transgress. Perhaps our Rabb will grant us something better than it (the ruined orchard). Verily, we turn towards our Rabb.'

Such then is the punishment. And, the punishment of' the Aakhirah is greater; if only they knew." (Aayat l7-33, Surah Oalam)

98. "Thus they said (This is the statement of Nooh alayhis salaam): 'Seek the forgiveness of your Rabb. Verily, He is most forgiving. He despatches abundant rain to you; He increases you in wealth and sons; He granted you orchards and created for you rivers. " (Aayaat 10, 11 & 12 Surah Nooh)

99. "And if they became firm on the road (of Truth), We would have granted them water in abundance. "(Aayat 16, Surah Jinn)

100. "What! Did He (Allah) not ruin their plots. " (Surah Feel)

These are the 100 Qur'aanic verses on which the subject matter of this book is based. Some of the aayaat prove that comfort, success and prosperity are for the pious servants of Allah while some verses prove that misfortune, calamity and adversity are the lots of transgressors. For the sake of brevity only these verses have been cited. Besides these there are numerous other Qur'aanic verses to prove the claims made in this book. It is now incumbent upon Muslims to confine the success and prosperity of both worlds to following the Deen.

"And, upon us is but to deliver (the Message)"

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