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The Blessings of reciting the Quraan and conveying it to the Deceased


 Hazrat Thanwi(R.A.) has narrated the incident of a man who saw in his dream that the inhabitants of a certain Qabrastan (cemetery) were coming out of their graves and going towards some fruit and choosing something from there.
The man describes what he saw: "I was unaware of what they were choosing. I was astonished and surprised at this scene. I saw one man just sitting, not choosing anything.
So I went up to him and asked him as to what these people were choosing. He replied that they were choosing the Quranic recitation, Sadqah, etc. which people conveyed to them (isaale Sawab).
So I said that you are part of them, why aren't you choosing something? He said that I don't need it!
So I asked him why? He said that my son conveys a complete recitation of the Quran to me.
So I asked him where is your son? He replied that he was a young boy who was a trader in a certain shopping centre. Thereafter my eyes opened and I rushed off to that shopping centre, and I found him busy selling sweet meats but his lips were constantly in motion.
So I asked him why his lips were moving? He said that I recite a complete Quraan daily and convey it to my father.
After some time I again saw a dream wherein the same scene took place where people were choosing something,but this time the man who was sitting was also choosing something. I woke up very perplexed from my dream and pondered over it.
I then rushed off to the same shopping centre.
On reaching there I came to know that the young boy had left this world.
May Allah's mercy descend on him,Amin."

Note: If we read the Quraan and convey the reward for our near and dear ones, lnsha Allah, Allah Ta'ala will make it,such that when we are in our graves, someone will be there to recite and convey for us.
Our relatives are waiting anxiously, so let us make a point of reading and conveying to them daily.


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