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How to Achieve Patience


(1) Meditation for Ajr (reward):
Imagine that Allah Ta'aala has appointed us as treasurers and entrusted us certain things, and whenever He wishes He shall take possession of His belongings. What right have we to be sorrowful and grieve if this happens. It is like a person who has en- trusted his complete wealth to a treasurer and some time later takes it away from him, whereupon the treasurer begins wailing and shouting. Will any person of a sound mind regard such a grief proper and correct? Never. Even if he grieves and excercises patience, can anyone say that due to his patience he is worthy of a reward? Certainly not. But Allah Ta'aala has solely due to His Fadhl and Karam given the glad tidings of Ajr (reward) for the one that endures patience.

(2)  How To Practise Patience At The Death Of a Dear And Beloved Person:
Patience does not mean that the tongue should be withheld from expressing the remem brance of the dead, or that one should not shed tears. Instead one should at time remember the dead. From this some solace is gained. When one recollects and remembers the deceased, then 'Inna lillaahi wa inna ilayhi raajioon'
(Translation: Lo! we are Allah's and Lo! unto Him we are returning. Surah Baqarah, 156.) should also be recited.
For this one will receive the same amount of reward which can be attained for exercising patience at the time of the actual bereavement. In the same manner a few tears could also be shed as it gives one consolation. Rasulullah Saliallahu Alayhi Wasallam himself shed tears at the demise of his son Ebrahim Radiallahu Anhu.
Others should also console the bereaved. It is stated in the Hadith: 'The one that consoles a woman whose child has passed away, that person (the consoler) will be attired in a magnificent sheet of clothing in Jannah.'
It has also been narrated that: 'The one who consoles a bereaved person, will receive the same amount of reward as the bereaved one.'

(3)  To Be Occupied In Grief And Sorrow:
One should not remain idle in grief and sorrow, but should occupy oneself in some work, so that the mind is turned away from the incident. It is better if one occupies oneself with devotions such as salaah, tilaawah (recital) of the Quraan etc. If one does not have the inclination to do so, then Mubaah (permissible) acts will suffice, such as undertaking tours, excursions, meeting Pious friends, chatting with the wife and laughing with children.

(4)  Performing Salaah:
In the Quraan Kareem salaah has been mentioned as a cure for patience.
It is stated in Surah Baqarah (Aayah 153) "O ye who believe! Seek help in steadfastness and prayer." The reason being when one performs salaah with total concentration of heart and mind, one will be totally engrossed in the devotion of the Creator.

(5)  Meditation For Spiritual (inner) Purification:
It should be remembered that grief is a great obstacle toward the inner path. By regretting, spiritual (inner) purification is quickened and magnified.

(6)  How To Observe Patience At The Time Of Laxity In Fulfilling Devotions:
If the Nafs is slothful in getting up for solaah, or becomes miserly at the time of giving Zakaat, sadaqah, khayraat, etc., at such a time the exercising of three types of patience are necessary:
a. One should correct one's intention before commencing a devotion, i.e. it should be carried out solely for Allah, The Nafs should have no motive therein.
b. At the time of performing a devotion one should not feel discouraged or despirited. Every devotion should be carried out with it's due right and in a proper manner.
c. After a devotion has been performed it should not be mentioned before others.

(7)  Patience When Intending To Commit a Sin:
One should stop the Nafs when an intention is made to commit a sin.

(8)  Patience At The Time Of Trouble From The Creation:
If anyone among the creation causes one trouble, or abuses, or reviles one, the patience to be exercised in response to such an act is to desist from taking revenge, and remain silent.

(9)  Patience On The Bounties Of Allah:
If Allah has bestowed one with health, wealth, respect, honour, servants, family, children, etc., then the patience to be observed at such a time is that the mind should not be adversely affected; one should not forget Allah; the poor should not be looked down upon but treated gently and with kindness.

(10) Patience At The Time Of Losing a Thing:
'Inna lillaahi wa inna ilayhi raajioon' (Lo! we are Allah's and Lo! unto Him we are returning). It has been commanded that this be read when things are lost. It one ponders upon it then the effect of it (the loss) will not be felt by one. Then too, to be grieved over a thing that is lost is against sound thinking (because by sorrow a thing cannot be retrieved). The natural effect of grief may be overcome by making investigations.

11. Patience At The Time Of Difficulties:
Consider Allah to be Mighty and Wise. He has all the powers and authority. By possessing a correct belief every difficulty comes to mind as a form of a blessing, hence no difficulty remains.

( translated by Moulana Muhammed Abdurrahman Ebrahim)

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