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Earthquakes- Lessons and occurences from the India Earthquake.


Firstly Mufti Saheb Praises Allah Subhanahuwata'ala and sends peace and salutations
upon Nabi Muhammed (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam).
Mufti Saheb begins by quoting Surah Zilzaal from the Quraan -e-Kareem:
"When the earth is shaken with it's (final) earthquake.
 And when the earth throws out it's burdens,
 And man will say:" What is the matter with it ? "
 That Day it will declare it's information (about all what happened over it of good or evil).
 Because your Lord has inspired it.
 That Day mankind will proceed in scattered groups that they may be shown their deeds.
 So whosoever does good equal to the weight of an atom,shall see it.
 And whosoever does evil equal to the weight of an atom,shall see it. "
( SURAH 99-The Earthquake )

Today I am delivering a talk that Insha-Allah will bring us closer to Allah Ta'ala and also make us understand the profound lesson to be learnt from this event: `THE EARTHQUAKE'.
On 26 January 2001 at 9:30am. in Kuch Boje and Kathyawade in India which is the most effected areas of the earthquake a very fearful and horrible sound began eminating from the earth.So fearful was that sound that some people became insane as though it was the day of Qiyamat.
This was just a `small Qiyamat' that Allah Ta'ala shows us in this world.
According to the Quraan it is said that when Qiyaamat comes such a sound will be heard that people will loose their minds and wander as though in a state of intoxication .

A foreign medical team of German and American doctors said that the impact of that fearful
sound was so profound on the minds of the young that they may eventually loose their minds when they grow up.

The splendour and power of Allah Ta'ala is so great that this once beautiful city of Kuch Boje with all its tall buildings was reduced to a heap of rubble .
In 2 minutes entire cities became graveyards.See the might of Allah Ta'ala.
Not only that,but the earth split and the buildings were swallowed into the ground.
This earthquake,is an eye opener to one and all. One should ponder over the Might and Splendour of Allah Ta'ala and be weary of incurring Allah Ta'ala's wrath.
Hereunder follows a few incidences which reinforces the power of Almighty Allah Ta'ala:

Sound of earthquake on tape:-
 In a town called Wakameer a child brought a tape recorder to school on that fateful day and the dreadful sound preceding the earth quake was taped inadvertently,this was later replayed by the teacher to his family who on hearing this sound were so traumetised that they cried for an entire hour after which he destroyed the cassette.

Entire Building sinks into the ground:-
Mufti Saheb relates that he went to see the ruins of the hotel he once stayed in.The buildings did not only break  but the earth split and the buildings fell completely in.He observed slabs on the ground,which he was told,were the remains of a 2 story building which had sunk into the ground.We spend thousands and millions to build our homes ,the source of that wealth may be halaal or haraam, but whenever Allah Ta'ala wills,a home can instantly become a graveyard.When entire buildings collapsed,imagine the fate of the occupants.No one to help them. No one to save them.

Even a cellular phone did not help:
One building collapsed in which the occupants communicated with a mobile cellular
phone for 2 days with those outside."Help us! Save us!", were their pleas.Two days later their bodies were retrieved by rescue workers.
[ Even with todays technology nothing surpasses Allah Ta'ala's Power and Wrath. Let us open our eyes to Almighty Allah's Splendour and Might and repent now for our past.]-translator

Five storey building becomes like a stack of plates:-
In one upper class area a five story building, in which the mid collumn broke resulted in the five stories being stacked upon each other like a stack of plates.There were no survivors.Look at Allah Ta'ala's Might.
Allah says:"Oh my creation I have created earth for your comfort,if you go astray,it can become a form of punishment for you."
Ponder over Allah Ta'ala's military power in just 2 minutes whole cities became graveyards.

Three friends-two spared:-
Three friends came to town on bussiness.They decided to rest at the hotel.One went to the room to rest whilst the other two went outside .For the one this became his grave,and the other two were spared. Death calls us and sometimes uses business as an excuse.
Ponder over,whom Allah Ta'ala wills to be spared and whom He chooses to taste death.

Dressed for a wedding-becomes their kafan:-
Some people went dressed to celebrate a wedding.This became their burial robe(kafan).

A wealthy land owner reduced to begging:-
A team of relief workers went to Surindar Nazar.A man who helped them to offload the
truck related a story that brought tears to their eyes.This man who assissted them was a wealthy nawaab before the earthquake.He owned 900 acres of cultivated land and three palatial homes.Today  all that remains is a mound of worthless rubble.The Nawaab confesses that I  was once the proud owner of all this wealth ,but when I became disobedient to Allah Ta'ala ,this is the result.I do not even have a shelter over my own head.But this is a lesson for me,the worldly punishment is small when compared to the punishment in the hereafter.
Allah Ta'ala has given me a chance to make amends.Allah Ta'ala can make wealthy people poor within minutes.

Embarassed to Beg:-
It was observed that people who were once of high status in the community found it difficult to stand in line to wait  to receive curry and rice from the relief aid with the common folk and thus usually gathered in the early hours of the chilly mornings .When Allah Ta'ala wants to give, Allah Ta'ala gives and when Allah Ta'ala wants to take, Allah Ta'ala takes.No one can save one from the wrath of Allah Ta'ala.

If Allah Ta'alah wants to protect one then that splendour is different.Over one million people killed in one minute, but see if Allah Ta'ala wants to protect a being no harm can come to it.Read these remarkable stories .

Mother passes away - remarkably baby saved:-
Four days passed since the earthquake ,amidst the rubble rescuers find a 21day old baby girl alive in the lap of her mother.
The mother had died due to a wound to the head.Look at Allah's power that the blood did not gush out of the wound ,but it trickled in tiny droplets directly into the baby's mouth thus sustaining the infant in the mother's lap.See how Allah Ta'ala provides sustenance to a helpless infant in mounds of rubble.Subhanallah.

A pious Doctor saved:-
A pious doctor and his two sons who practice on the sunnat teachings of Nabi Muhammad (sallallhualaihi wasallam) were on there way to the hospital when the earthquake struck.Fearing that it may be their last,they held each other,read the kalima and began
making the zikr "ALLAH,ALLAH." Repeatedly whilst buildings collapsed around them and people sustained injuries and some even died.Alhamdulillah ,the doctor and his sons were not harmed in the least.See Almighty Allah's splendour.

Madressah students safe:-
In one village a poorly constructed madressah and masjid which was badly damaged by the earthquake but Alhamdulillah none of the students or teachers were hurt.
Without a doubt Allah Ta'ala protects whomsoever Allah wills.

Man has travelled to the moon,but yet scientists cannot foretell when an earthquake will strike.
No such machine has yet been invented to detect  earthquakes,but our truthful Nabi Muhammed (sallallhualaihi wasallam) told us 1400 years ago that just as the body has nerves so does the earth.
The nerves of the earth are held by the angels.
When three vices become common on this earth than Allah Ta'ala commands the Angels to shake those specific nerves thus causing earthquakes in which thousands of people perish within minutes.

One day someone asked the Angel of Death: "How can you take 10 peoples lives from different parts of the world at the same time?"
The angel of death replied:"The entire world fits in the palm of my one hand.Just as a person can eat 10 peanuts at once so can I take 10 lives at one time."
If this is the Angel of Death ,then think of the Power and Might of Allah Ta'ala the Creator of this Angel.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammed (sallallhualaihi wasallam) said that when three vices become widespread on this earth than earthquakes will occur.
1. When adultery is committed openly.
2.When Muslims consume liquor ,alcohol and intoxicants as though it is permissible(halaal) in Islam
3.When music and dancing are widespread.

We are so sinful that we must be grateful that Allah Ta'ala saved us from the earthquake.
It is a chance Allah Ta'ala has given us to reflect upon our lives and make amends before it is too late.

Once a pious person was walking in a neighbourhood when someone accidently emptied some garbage on his head.He immediately prostrated to Allah Ta'ala and cried :
`"Oh Allah I am so sinful that it could rain rocks from the heavens ,but shukr to You,O Allah,for having spared me to make amends."

[Dear reader this earthquake has indeed been an eye opener for me.I make dua to Almighty Allah to make this as a means of guidance to me and to all who read this to implement the Quran and hadith in our daily lives for "Verily every soul will taste death", and we will be held accountable for our deeds and actions.May Allah,Most Merciful guide us until our last breath to tread on the path that pleases Allah and not the path that incurs Allah's wrath.AMEEN.]-Translator.                                                                                                                    

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