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The Hand:Amazing..Something to ponder !

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The Hand:Amazing..Something to ponder !

When we realize that Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala
never creates anything in vain, we will understand that everything in His Creation serves a specific purpose so that all believers can refresh their faith, their Muhabbat and their complete trust in none other than our Most Glorious Creator and Sustainer.

Allaho Akbar! - Allaho Akbar! - Allaho Akbar!.

The hand could only be extended and flexed, except for the Thumb that has a third movement which is "opposition" of the direction of the other fingers, and this movement helps the human in many ways without realizing it, and the hand that misses this movement is called "Simian Hand"

The Pinkie finger, which is the first finger and the smallest, as if it's dislocated from the hand, even the place of the joint is lower than all other fingers, then it's followed by three other fingers, the ring finger and the index finger, between them is the Middle finger and the hand's longest finger, while the ring and the index are almost the same height as if they have a certain character and system. But The Thumb is separated from the other four and it has a special shape and look, plus what we mentioned about the special movement "opposition".

If we contemplate in the shape of the fingers at the back of the right hand we will find it most AMAZING that it draws the name of Almighty Allah (SWT).
The pinkie, as we mentioned that it stands out by its size and the lower joint, draws the letter "ALIF"

The ring and middle fingers draw the letters, "Lam" twice
Then the index with the thumb draw the letter "Haa"
... The hand, this organ is truly most generous to the human, ... and it's the tool that he/she uses for everything he/she needs, He/she gains with it, works with it, writes with it different than any other human, makes TAKBIR with it... and the human being is asleep from this revealed secret and miracle that the hand records the name of Almighty Allah (SWT) and draws it in great detail..."