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Therapeutic Effect of Qur'an reading
Therapeutic Effect of Qur'an reading:A scientific study

The Islamic Organisation for Medical Sciences in Kuwait announced results of a scientific study which proved that the reading of the Holy Quran to non- Muslims who do not understand Arabic has a therapeutic and calming effect.

Assistant Secretary General Dr Ahmed Rajai Al-Jindi told Kuna that the scientific research was carried out by an Islamic medical sciences researcher, Dr Ahmed Al-Qadhi, who presented the primary results of his study to a special conference organised by the Islamic society in North America.

Dr Al-Jindi said the experiments carried out by Dr Al-Qadhi proved that physiological changes took place on the nervous system of a sample of patients who listened to the reading of the Quran while being monitored by a highly advanced system in a clinic located in Panama City in the US state of Florida.
He pointed out that the researcher carried out 120 experiments on five volunteers from both sexes, different age groups, who were non-Muslims and non-Arabic speakers.

The experiment conducted involved the reading of verses from the Quran along with regular Arabic text.
The volunteers could not differentiate between the Quran readings and Arabic text.
The Islamic medical doctor said the experiments carried out by Dr Al-Qadhi proved that there was a 97 per cent positive effect on the volunteers who listened to readings from the Holy Quran in comparison to the volunteers who were just listening to Arabic text.

(KUWAIT TIMES- 15 July 2001)