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Advices of Hazrat Zunnoon Misri(R.A.)
Advices of Hazrat Zunnoon Misri(R.A.)
(Khanqa Sheikh Zakariyyah,Lenasia,South Africa)
Hazrat Zunnoon Misri (Rahmatullah Alayh) was a great Aalim and Imaam in Deeni knowledge and was also spiritually advanced. He was famous and renown in the field of Hadith, Fiqah and Tasawwuf. Every advice of his is worth its weight in gold. Following hereunder are some of his advices:

Those persons who are engrossed in useless activities will not find the time to do fruitful things.

There are three signs of a person's piety and competence.
(1) As his life increases, greed and fame decreases.
(2) As his wealth increases so to does his generosity.
(3) As his respect, honour, and status increases in the eyes of the people so to does his humbleness.

There are three signs of a person's attaining Hidaayat.
(1) At time of hardships and calamities to turn to Allah Ta'ala by reciting “Inna Lillahi Wa'ina Ilayhi Rauji'oon” and to exercise patience.
(2) On obtaining any blessing to turn to Allah Ta'ala by making Shukr.
(3) When becoming angry with someone, not to cut off ties with that person and remembering his or her favours upon you.

To have friendship and love with Allah Ta'ala will lead a person to attain a luminous light in his heart and to have friendship and love with people is like a poisonous arrow.

When the love of Allah Ta'ala is established in the heart, it will lead to His attachment. It is for this reason that the Aarifien's love for Allah Ta'ala supercedes all other loves.

The sign of the love of Allah Ta'ala is to leave everything that distracts from Him, to such an extent that one is totally occupied with His commands.

Closeness to Allah Ta'ala has three signs.
(1) In every condition to have love and friendship with Allah Ta'ala
(2) In every action to find contentment and peace in Him
(3) Due to extreme desire for Him, to yearn and have love for death.

Three things are the sign of extreme desire (for Allah Ta'ala).
(1) Despite having peace and tranquility to love death.
(2) Despite having a life of comfort and ease, for the heart to be affixed to Him
(3) To remain always in a state of grief, despite ones needs being fulfilled and being free from want.

Allah Ta'ala's remembering us is far greater than our remembering Him (for all the blessings He has bestowed upon us),
He remembered us first to give us the Toufeeq to remember Him. Allah Ta'ala's love for us is greater then the love we have for Him, because He loved us before we were born (to bring us to this world).

Those people who search for other people's fault will be blind to their own faults.

In your worldly life regard your Nafs as dead so that after death the deceased will regard you as alive.

The greatest honour that Allah Ta'ala shows a person is to make him aware of the dangers and degradation of his Nafs.
The greatest dishonour that Allah shows a person is to make him unmindful and unaware of his Nafs.

He used to say that how regretful is it that when we devote, we stumble, but when we lecture and advice; we have great zeal and zest. How can we ever be successful? That person is not wise who has attained Deeni knowledge, becomes famous and gives preference to his Nafs over his knowledge. That person who desires his rights to be justified and does not justify the rights of others. That person who forgets Allah Ta'ala in times of peace and tranquility and remembers Him only when in difficulty and hardships.

Khanqah Sheikh Zakariyya
Lenasia, South Africa.