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 Foreword   |   Hadeeth explains the Quraan   |   Definition of Qiyaas & Ijtihaad   |   Types of Masa'il Qiyaas is made   |   Difference between Mujtahid & Muqallid   |   Taqleed of one Imaam   |   Changing Mazhabs   |   Some Of The Conditions Of Ijtihaad

We are living in an age in which fitna and corruption is so prevalent that before one problem is over another one arises. The latter problem is usually more serious than the former one. This in reality is amongst the signs of Qiyaamat. On the one hand we have the problem of the ishana asharie (twelver) sect of the Shias. The concept of lmaamat according to this sect openly contradicts the aqeeda and belief of the finality of the Nubuwwat of Rasulullah (Sallalaahu Alaiyhi Wasallam). Whereas, on this belief rests the foundation of our deen. One who does not belief unconditionally In Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) being the final Nabi in all senses cannot be a believer. On the other we have the problem of the Mirzaa'is - Qadianis (Ahmadis). Then, there is the problem of the modernist who suffer horn an inferiority complex from the west. This group has made taqleed of the western orientalists and in adopting an apologetic attitude to the west has misinterpreted many fundamental aspects of deen. By doing this they too have crossed the borders of Islam.

In the above groups and all other groups that have gone astray two things are found to be common:

1.They have not recognized the lofty position of the Sahaaba Kiraam (Radiallahu Anhum).
2.They do not make taqleed of one of the four Imams.

One can safely say, without any exception, that all those who are the founders of those groups who have deviated from the Sunnat, were not muqallids of one of the four Imams.

Making Taqleed of one of the four Imams is in reality a shield with which one protects one's Imaan.

It is for this very reason that the great Ulama of the Ummat like Imam Ghazaali,
Imam Razi, Abdullah bin Mubarak, Ibne Taymiyya, Sheikh Abdul Qaadir
Jilaani, Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi, Sheikh Mo'inuddin Ajmeri, Shah Waliullah,
Sheikh Saadi, Allama Rumi and many others rahmatulla e alayhim were all
Muqallids of one of the four Imams.

In this booklet, which is a translation of a fatwa of Faqeehul Asr Hazrat Moulana Mufti Mahmood Sahib (may Allah Ta'ala grant him long life), the meaning of taqleed has been explained. It has also been shown why it is necessary to make taqleed of one of the four Imams only and in which type of masaa'il is taqleed made. It should be borne in mind that the Fiqh (Jurisprudence) of every lmaam is based on the Quraan and Hadith. The A'iemma have different opinions in juzie (subsidiary) masaa'il only and every Imam has proof from the Quraan and Hadith for the view he holds. We have to accept their views as we are completely unqualified to form an opinion. We do not even possess one qualification amongst the many that are necessary requisites for Ijtihaad.

The type of difference that exists amongst the four Imams is a mercy for the Ummat and through this every Sunnat of Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) is practiced upon. Mujaddid Alfe Thani (rahmatullah alay) writes:
Not making taqleed of one of the four Imams is the bridge to lihad and irreligiousness.

May Allah Ta'ala grant us the Taufeeq to follow that path which pleases Him and His Rasool and protect us from following our nafs, desires and going astray.
Shabbier Ahmed Saloojee
14th Ramzaan 1405 ( 4th June 1985)

Lotus Word Pro 97 Document