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Some Of The Conditions Of Ijtihaad
 Foreword   |   Hadeeth explains the Quraan   |   Definition of Qiyaas & Ijtihaad   |   Types of Masa'il Qiyaas is made   |   Difference between Mujtahid & Muqallid   |   Taqleed of one Imaam   |   Changing Mazhabs   |   Some Of The Conditions Of Ijtihaad _______________________________________________
Some Of The Conditions Of Ijtihaad

It is essential that the Mujtahid possess full comprehension of :
 1.The Quraan and Sunnat and sciences pertaining to it.

2.He must have proficiency; in the Khas (particular meaning) Aam (General meaning); Mujmal; Haqiqat (compound); Majaz (figurative); Muhkam Mubayyan (un-ambigious); Muta'shabi (ambigious); Mutlaq (unconditional); Muqayyat (conditional); Zahir (distinct meaning); Nass; Mufassar; Muhkam; etc.

3.All the three types of Sunnat:
1. Verbal
2. Practical
3. Authenticated

4.All the narrators of Ahaadith, their strength and weakness.

5.In distinguishing the Sahih from the weak.

6.Of Naasikh and Mansookh (abrogated).

7.Of Statements amongst the Sahaaba Kiraam (Radiallahu Anhum) and those after them, their differences etc.

8.All the Masaa'iI in which ijma and consensus has been reached.

9. Qiyaas and all its classifications.

10.Knowledge of the Arabic language and its grammar before the influence of Non Arabs to the Arabic language.

11.Of (Elalul ankam) and manner of istimbaat, so that he is able to make a proper Qiyaas in that mas'ala, in which there is no nass, on a mas'ala in which there is a nass.

12.Taqwa and uprightedness are also requisites for ijtihaad. These are just some of the conditions of ijtihaad.

From the ummat not many have reached the stage of ijtihaad. In our times only an insane person can claim to be a mujtahid. Masaails can occur which did not exist before but these can be solved by those who have a sound understanding of Haqh and Usool Fiqh (Principles of Fiqh).

Lotus Word Pro 97 Document